Solus - Slaves of Mind

Solus - Slaves of Mind - 3/5
[Link Dead]

What we have here is a piece of aggressive deathrash from Canada, circa 1996. This is one of those albums that does not really do anything wrong, but still seems to lack an unnamed quality that makes it more worthwhile. I really wish that I had more to say about this album, but it grabbed me as average in every way. I have listened to the album several times now, and I must say that nothing here stands out for those that are used to this sort of music.

I cannot even name a track that seems to stand out above the rest, for all the songs are just more aggression with different riffs, and possibly different lyrics.
The guitar is fine. Decent riffs, proper distortion, not boring at all. The vocals are enthused and pull off the deathrash sound nicely. The bass is inaudible and the drums have yet to do something noteworthy, but there is not anything done wrong here.

Consider this worthy to join a collection of deathrash if you simply need another artist to pad your collection, but to me, this just screams bland, for there is nothing to separate this from other acts, except for exorability. It is good enough for a few listens, but there just seems to be something missing from the picture as a whole.

On the other hand, maybe it is good enough to simply not do anything worth writing about, if one does not do anything that is wrong. Right?

By C.J. Ulferts