Sabbat (Jpn) - Karmagmassacre

Sabbat - Karmagmassacre - 4/5

Okay, first up, while I have never actually owned any Sabbat(Jpn), I have been aware of them for a long time and heard some of their early stuff in the '90's. With that said, i had no idea what to expect from the band in this modern era of metal. While they were decidedly thrash in the beginning, the "blackened thrash" moniker they now sport had me a little worried. Well, I'm happy to say that the worries are unfounded. I had a blast listening to this album!!!

Music: From the Sabbatherian opening chords of The Answer is Hell, to the closing strains Satansword(if I was listening to this blind and you told me it was Megadeth, I wouldn't have questioned you), I was hooked on the old school thrash vibe of the thing. The musicianship was extremely solid and professional( Temis' solos are awesome throughout), and I really got off on the various musical quotes I heard on it( spot the Maiden guitar quote and win a cookie). A couple of songs dragged a bit, or were a bit too generic(I'm You're Satan and The Letters From Death being the chief culprits), but the mastery behind The Answer Is Hell and Demonic Serenade more than cover for it. Score: 4/5

Vocals: While expecting full on black or core vocals, I was impressed with the colors and nuances that Gezol spewed all over the album. While indeed dipping into various extreme metal styles,he usually did this to serve the song and add color. It was not the rule, and the album is better for it. His vokills were also on the accessible style of hardcore too which is OK by me.
Score: 4/5

So, in closing I would like to say that this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and is going to cost me a lot of money cause i have to get their catalog now. A solid album by a capable, veteran crew. Heartily recommended for those in search of a quality thrash fix!!!
Total Score: 4/5

By J. Costigan