Riot - Fire Down Under

RIOT - Fire Down Under('81) - 4.5/5

A certified classic by one of metals unsung, this album is at the pinnacle of what a release should be. Bright, gleaming production wrapping a high octane jolt of state of the art(in it's time) metal, a band doomed to fail giving it their all.
From the opening chug of Swords and Tequila, the clean burning title track, and personal fave, the supreme rifforama Outlaw, a statement is made as to the might of this powerhouse metal institute. Altar of the King also breaks from the pack as a brilliant groove filled raver, as does No Lies.

Couple this raft of terrific tracks with outstanding guitar work from main man Mark Reale, and the made for metal lead vocals of Guy Speranza, and what you have is an essential spread of classic metal that should be a solid part of your listening rotation.

Highly recommended.

By J.Costigan