Dezperadoz - The Legend and The Truth

Dezperadoz - The Legend and The Truth - 2/5

I am quite unsure of what to say about this album and this band in general. They seem to be a solid band with a strong gimmick that does a decent job of fusing two genres. So then, why the low score? They fuse generic country and generic metalcore (If they aren't particularly metalcore, they steal the thing I find most annoying about the genre).

After the token intro track, there is a nice heavy riff. Nothing special, but I'm looking forward to a normal heavy metal album. Then, the pitch harmonics begin. I cannot express to you how much this sound annoys me. The pitch harmonic has become a symbol of generic, boring, and might be the sound that is killing metal.

The first two songs are fine enough, excluding the dreaded P.H.s, but the band actually begins to entertain around Deadman Walking (a mostly country song), Rawhide (The most enjoyable 'metal' song on here), and Tombstone (A medicore track on it's own, but a great follow up to the previous tracks).

Hellbilly square is a great track. I like it, it's funny, catchy, and has a good sound. Defiantly the track to remember. Echoes wraps up the concept nicely with a collection of the intro used in most of the songs. Normally this would fall under the boring recycling label, but they pull it off, and are smart enough to stick it in the back. Echoes is all the fun of this album rolled into four minutes. Alex is 30 seconds of outro overkill that feels tacked on and useless.

Unfortunately the rest of the songs follow the same fatal flaw as the first two tracks, which renders them completely un-enjoyable in my eyes. Somebody tell these guys that just because you've got a strong gimmick doesn't mean you are allowed to make generic boring mainstream crap and expect to get away with it.

So, if you are not nearly as tired of the pitch harmonic as I am, add two of three point on to my score, for they are what truly ruined the album for me.What I want you to take away from my review is that these guys play a solid mix of country and metal, suitable for casual fans of either genre. Serious fans of either genre will rather listen to the straight up stuff then this.

By Collin. J. Ulferts.