Darkestrah - The Great Silk Road

DARKESTRAH - "The Great Silk Road" - 4/5

So this is my first experience with this band after Ive seen their name dropped dozens of times. I gave this album a full listen five times so I could really get a feel for it.

This 5 track one hour album sets the pace with a fairly generic Black Metal song. Nothing bad about it but nothing stand out either. This band utilizes a synth great, making it heard without having it take over. This reminds me of second wave Black Metal a lot, namely Dissection. The bass drum when it starts going into fast double sections sounds very triggered, and that is my only real complaint about this album.

Overall this is a very enjoyable listen for fans of Second Wave BM or Melodic BM. It could be a great entry album to, as the production on it is pretty good and not lo-fi.

By M. Angell