Armageddon - Three

Armageddon-Three - 3/5

This group originally fronted by Jonas Nyrén (In Thy Dreams), started out as a side project of Christopher Amott's. After a few line-up changes and 3 studio albums the group evolved into the three piece that it is now.

Members include:

Christopher Amott- guitars/vocals
Tobias Gustafsson - bass
Daniel Erlandsson - drums

Although their first two albums were wholly Melodic Death Metal releases, this album has been labelled a Power Metal album. These guys sound like a more agressive version of Evergrey. Christopher Amott takes over on vocal duties and does not dissappoint. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by his abillities as a vocalist. The albums starts out with the intro. Gathering of the Storm which is pretty much a 59 second Christopher Amott solo track.

I would say the stand out track on the album would be Heart of Ice, Stranglehold and Well of Sadness. Overall the album is pretty good. However there are a few times when you can tell that English is not these guys first language. A couple times the lyrics don't really fit or are just kind like "huh?". If you are able to get past that you should really like the album. I has plenty of hooks and cheese for any power metal fan, but also plenty of shredding for everyone else who might be interested. Honestly I would even go as far as to call this a straight of Heavy Metal release instead of Power Metal. Because with the exception of Rainbow Serpent there are no over-the-top lyrics, no keyboards, no chants or choir choruses and even a little double bass thrown in there.

By M. Lewis