Paradox – Product of Imagination

Paradox (Ger) – Product of Imagination – 4/5

1987 was a glorious year for "German Thrash". It saw the release of albums such as "Persecution Mania", the self-titled of "Mekong Delta", and "Terrible Certainty" among others. It also saw the release of the album I am now reviewing. This album is an archetypical "German Thrash/Speed Metal". It get's thrashy with songs such as "Death, Screaming, and Pain" or "Paradox", and it moves to a speedy territory, like that found in "Helloween's" or "Running Wild's" early work with songs such as "Pray to the Godz of Wrath".

The guitar work is the best aspect of this album, and the one I liked the most, with each song delivering riff after, satisfying every thrasher. The solos I enjoyed, I didn't see them neither over the top nor plain boring. I see that they are similar to the works of "Flotsam & Jetsam", with two or three songs clearly influenced by "Van Halen's" tapping style such as "Continuation of Invasion", a short cool instrumental which I reminded me of "Eruption". The bass is strong and clear, something other bands need to pay attention to. I enjoyed the drum-work, although it was your typical thrash/speed drum work, with some fills in some songs, it was good and gave the songs the drive they needed. The vocals aren't your typical "German Thrash" vocals; they are more "American" sounding, like that of the "Bay Area Thrash". Also good for "Speed Metal". The production was similar to the other album being pumped out that time,

The major down-turn I found with this album is that it gets boring after a while. I'm not discrediting its musicality, but this is what differentiates a good album from a great album. Though the song length varies, I found the basic structure to be the basically the same.

This album definitely deserves a listen to any fan of "German Thrash/Speed". I enjoyed it, but I won't listen to it fully again. I'll probably put on some songs from it every now and then.

Highlights: "Paradox", "Death, Screaming, and Pain", "Product of Imagination", "Pray to the Godz of Wrath"